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A&D Weighing
A&D Weighing
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A&D provides tools using precision measurement and controlling technology with analog and digital conversion and a commitment to quality standards. Founded in 1977, A&D has grown into a multinational corporation with operations in the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia, Korea and Great Britain with worldwide sales in excess of $400 million. A&D offers a full line of Electronic Balances, Digital Scales, Weighing Indicators and Controllers, Load Cells and Non-Destructive Measurement Equipment.

Focus on Customer Service
Greenville Scale Company has decades of experience providing our valued customers with sales, quality testing and scale calibration services, 24/7 emergency response when you need it most, expert technicians with vast expertise in a variety of leading brands and equipment, and backed by an unrelenting focus on safety, health and environmental compliance.

Preventive Maintenance Programs
Failure or inaccuracy of your weighing equipment can prove to be a costly burden, especially if that equipment is an integral part of your company's production process. These costs can materialize as production downtime or inaccurate billing and they can amount to the full replacement of a scale.

Greenville Scale would like to help you avoid these unplanned costs through a Preventive Maintenance Program tailored to meet your needs. Preventive maintenance is critical to your equipment as oil changes are to your car. Regular maintenance ensures the accuracy of your weighing equipment, helps prevent future failures and extends the usable life of the scale.

Quality You Can Depend On
Our service personnel are licensed and registered in the states of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia to perform installation, calibration, repair and service to scales and weighing devices of all types and capacities used in trade or commerce. With 3 locations to serve you, including Greenville, SC, Lexington, SC, and Charleston, SC, Greenville Scale Company is standing by and ready to assist our valued customers with dedicated, expert technicians, reliable certified scale calibration and a focus on quality and safety in everything we do. Contact us today at 800.722.5320 or via email for prompt and dependable service for all your scale and weighing needs.
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GF-K Industrial Balance Series
A&D Weighing GF-K Industrial Balance Scale GF-K Industrial Balance Series
The GF-K Series utilizes our revolutionary Super Hybrid Sensor® (SHS) technology. SHS improves response speed, accuracy and minimizes maintenance costs. SHS combines the best of magnetic force restoration and single point parallelogram load cell technologies.

Product Features:

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GP Industrial Balance Series
A&D Weighing GP Industrial Balance Scale GP Industrial Balance Series
The GP Series incorporates our enhanced weighing sensor, the Double Leveraged Super Hybrid Sensor® (SHS). This technology brings the most accurate weighing results to high capacity precision balances.

Product Features:

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GX-K Industrial Balance Series with Internal Calibration
A&D Weighing GX-K Industrial Balance Scale GX-K Industrial Balance Series with Internal Calibration
The GX-K Series features internal calibration and utilizes our revolutionary Super Hybrid Sensor® (SHS) technology. SHS improves response speed, accuracy and minimizes maintenance costs. SHS combines the best of magnetic force restoration and single point parallelogram load cell technologies.

Product Features:

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Ion BM Series Laboratory Micro Balances
A&D Weighing Ion BM Micro Balance Scale The ION Series
Practical Weighing for Micrograms. Bring confidence to your lab with the BM series of microbalances, with a capacity from 520 g - 1 μg handle even trace quantities of valuable or degradable substances with confidence. Our fan-less, integrated, direct current ionizer eliminates static and comes standard on all BM models. The automatic response adjustment function is powered by the embedded sensors to deliver fast and stable results to compensate for environmental variables.

Product Features:

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Standard Analytical Balances
A&D Weighing Galaxy HR Series Balance Scale Galaxy HR Series Balances
Small but mighty - a user friendly balance that fits any budget. Because accuracy and reliability come before anything else. The HR-AZ/HR-A series, behind their simple design, utilize proven A&D sensor technology that delivers solid performance to all users who wish to do superior work. Key features demanded by today's market have been included, resulting in a compact, precise, and reliable analytical balance for the value-conscious user.

Product Features:

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A&D Checkweigher Scale AD-4961-6K-3050 Checkweigher
With best in class precision A&D helps our customers reduce giveaway, prevent underweight, and improve efficiency. Our checkweighers are designed with production processing in mind. As retailers continue to implement new quality standards, businesses must adapt in order continue supplying a highly accurate and reliable product. Our system is user friendly, easy to maintain, and simple to integrate into an existing line. This approach allows our end users to quickly realize their return on investment.

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FS-i Series Checkweighing Scales
A&D Checkweigher Scale FS-i Series Checkweighing Scales
Advanced Washdown Checkweighing Scale for Applications in Product Preparation and Packaging Environments.
Product Features:

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Metal Detectors
A&D Metal Detectors Metal Detectors
A&D delivers world class performance enabling our customers to provide the highest quality products. Designed to detect up to 0.2 millimeters to safeguard against the smallest of contaminants while minimizing the risk of false rejects. Our modular approach coupled with our stainless steel construction and wash down rating allows users to quickly disassemble the machine for easy maintenance and sanitary cleaning. Standard variable speed belting and our user interface make it simple for customers to program a vast array of products.

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FG-K Series Bench Scales
A&D Bench Scales FG-K Series Bench Scales
Standard Platform Scale for Basic Counting and Checkweighing Applications. The New FG-K series combines fast response time with accurate measurement to suit any weighing application. Built–to-last durability provides increased protection and more stable performance.
Product Features:

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