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Crane Scales
Dillon Crane Scales and Dynamometers
EDXtreme Crane Scales  |  EDjunior Crane Scales  |  Dynamometers

The Dillon product line is one of the oldest and most respected in the field of industrial measurement. For years, Dillon has led the way by creating an innovative line that is tough, reliable and most importantly safe. With a reputation for superior strength, reliability, accuracy and quality, Dillon goes from strength to strength. Dillon's product range includes Crane Scale, Dynamometer, Tension Meters, Force Gauge (Mechanical), Force Control, Force Indicator and Software.
Intercomp Crane Scales and Hanging Scales
CS200 Hanging Scales  |  CS750 Hanging Scales  |  CS1500 Crane Scales  |  CS3000 Crane Scales

Intercomp designs and manufactures weighing and measurement solutions to help our customers improve product development, performance and compliance. For over 40 years, Intercomp has provided superior-quality portable and in-ground weighing systems, along with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, for a wide range of industries. As the axle-weighing specialist, our static wheel and axle scales and dynamic weigh-in-motion systems and sensors are designed with the most innovative technology in the world. Our weighing solutions include Wheel/Axle Scales, ITS/Enforcement Scales, Aircraft Scales, Military Scales, Racing/Auto Scales & Alignment, Agriculture Scales, Crane & Material Handling Scales.
MSI Measurement Systems International Scales
Measurement Systems International (MSI)
MSI-3460 Challenger 3 Crane Scale  |  MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh Crane Scale  |  MSI-9300 Port-A-Weigh Plus CellScale™ RF  |  MSI-9300HT Hi-Torque Port-A-Weigh Plus CellScale™ RF  |  MSI Clevis Load Pin Sensors

Rice Lake Weighing Systems' MSI (Measurement Systems International) has been providing niche technology solutions worldwide since 1977. MSI overhead weighing solutions provide state-of-the-art products to meet the specific application and industry requirements. Products include Agricultural Scales, Livestock Scales, Agricultural Pipe Levers, Balances, Bulk Material Weighing, Calibration Weights/Services, Dimensioning, Health Scales, Forklift/Pallet Scales, Instrumentation, Load Cells/Weigh Modules, Mechanical Scales, Overhead Weighing, Platform Scales, Retail Equipment and Vehicle Scale Systems.

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