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Truck Scales

Greenville Scale Company has provided quality sales, installation and service for all types and manufacturers of truck scales throughout SC, NC and GA. Our team of expert technicians are standing by and ready to provide you with everything you need to keep your business rolling.

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Serving the Carolinas + Georgia with Quality Truck Scale Sales, Service, Installation and Calibration

For more than 90 years, Greenville Scale Company has provided quality sales, installation and service for all makes, models and manufacturers of truck scales and weighing equipment, including Avery Weigh-Tronix, B-TEK, Rice Lake, Emery Winslow, Fairbanks, Mettler Toledo, Cardinal Scale, Umbridge, Thurman and more. Our service personnel are licensed and registered in the states of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia to perform installation, calibration, repair and service to truck scales and weighing devices of all types and capacities used in trade or commerce. With 3 locations to serve you, including Greenville, SC, Lexington, SC, and Charleston, SC, Greenville Scale Company is standing by and ready to assist our valued customers with dedicated, expert technicians, reliable certified scale calibration and a focus on quality and safety in everything we do. Contact us today at 800.722.5320 or via email for prompt and dependable service for all your scale and weighing needs.
Avery Weigh-Tronix
Avery Weigh-Tronix
Truck Scales  |  Heavy Duty Truck Scales  |  Batching Weigh Bars  |  Weight Indicators  |  Train and Rail Scales  |  Forklift Scales  |  Floor and Platform Scales  |  Checkweighers

Avery Weigh-Tronix is one of the world's leading suppliers of weighing scales, systems and equipment. They offer a wide range of industrial weighing systems, weighing scales, systems, software components and peripherals for industrial and business use, backed by an extensive service network throughout the USA. Part of a large corporate family, Avery Weigh-Tronix markets and services their products in over 80 countries across the globe. For almost any business-related weighing requirement, there is an Avery Weigh-Tronix solution.

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Avery Weigh-Tronix BMS SD Steel Deck Truck Scale
Avery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD Truck Scale The BMS SD truck scale suits applications with moderate traffic and axle loads up to highway limits. This steel deck vehicle scale is cost effective without compromising on quality. The BridgeMont truck scale design uses a sandwich steel construction and WeighBar load sensors for outstanding strength and reliability.

Available in a range of sizes and capacities
The BMS SD has many sizes and capacities to choose from, making it a cost effective choice for many applications. The truck scale arrives on site fully assembled and features a low 14" profile, to save space and cost by using a shorter approach area.

Galvanized truck scales for added durability
This steel deck truck scale can be galvanized for total corrosion resistance and maximum surface durability. The entire module of the truck scale is hot dipped in molten zinc so that all surfaces are coated, inside and out, making the scale highly corrosion resistant and greatly extending its life expectancy in corrosive applications.

Industry leading warranty
All Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scales come backed by industry leading warranty options to ensure a low cost-of-ownership.

Multi-platform axle weighers
These truck scales are also available as a multi-platform system, providing accurate axle weighing plus a legal-for-trade gross weight in a single action. Truck scales that are configured for one-stop axle weighing combine multiple independent scales in a common foundation and are designed to accommodate the vehicle's axle spacing.

Rugged, reliable weighing
Our vehicle scales utilize the Weigh Bar; an extremely rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device that is designed to overcome the shortcomings of many competitor load cells. The unique, patented design provides inherent strength and overload protection, while also providing accuracy and high reliability.

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Avery Weigh-Tronix Steelbridge XT Concrete Deck Truck Scale
Avery Weigh-Tronix Steelbridge XT Truck Scale The Steelbridge XT concrete deck truck scale is designed for high traffic and heavy loads. This heavy duty vehicle scale has an extra rugged design and construction to withstand extreme use year after year.

Truck scale available in a wide variety of capacities and sizes
With a wide variety of capacities and sizes, up to 135 tons, this concrete vehicle scale can handle a wide range of trucks and configurations. The Steelbridge XT concrete is used by many aggregate, logging and recycling applications, as well as in high traffic, over-the-road weighing installations.

Designed to withstand extreme environments and constant use
This truck scale has a composite design - only the top half of the deck is poured, allowing the concrete to stay in compression and resist cracking. Tension forces are handled by the high-strength steel structure below the concrete.

Concrete decks typically provide a less slippery surface when wet and don’t have the corrosion problems associated with steel truck scales.

Rugged, reliable truck weighing
Our truck and motor vehicle scales utilize the Weigh Bar; an extremely rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device that is designed to overcome the shortcomings of many competitor load cells.

The unique, patented design provides inherent strength and overload protection, while also providing accuracy and high reliability.

Industry leading warranty
All Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scales come backed by industry leading warranty options to ensure a low cost-of-ownership.
B-TEK Floor Scales
B-TEK Scales
4-Square Floor Scale  |  Clydesdale Floor Scale  |  Workhorse Floor Scale  |  Drum Scale  |  Centurion Truck Scale  |  Industrial Bench Scale  |  WorldWEIGH Portion WD Bench Scale  |  Rail Track Scale

B-TEK offers an array of cales and weighing solutions, including truck scales, rail scales, agricultural scales, platform scales, weighing indicators, axle scales and much more. They also offer testing equipment, parts and accessories for a variety of industries.

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B-TEK Truck Scales
B-TEK Truck Scale B-TEK Centurion Truck Scale
The Centurion from B-TEK Scales is the only vehicle weighing system of its kind available, offering the latest digital technology in a unique, modular design. It's the most robust scale on the market, utilizing tread plates that are 20% thicker than all standard scales in its class. Its durable construction is designed for long life in tough environments. Providing 10 lb. graduations, the Centurion is the most accurate truck scale available.

B-TEK's Centurion is designed with enhancements specifically tailored to make service and calibration easy and efficient:
Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Rice Lake
Suspended Weighing Modules  |  Vessel Weighing Modules  |  Truck Scales  |  Truck Scale Weighing Modules  |  Programmable Indicators/Controllers  |  Fitness Scales  |  Digital Physician Scales  |  Scanners & Printers

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a family-owned, ISO 9001 certified corporation, and has been manufacturing and distributing weight-related products and supplies since 1946. Within the company, progressive new technologies merge with the wisdom of industry experience to create the future of weighing through cutting-edge research and design. Rice Lake offers more than 40,000 products, serving a wide spectrum of industries including: bulk construction materials, chemical, food and beverage processing, timber, pulp and paper, manufacturing, packaging and material handling, pharmaceuticals, retail, supply chain management, transport and logistics, and utilities and waste.

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Rice Lake Truck Scales
Rice Lake Truck Scales Rice Lake SURVIVOR® OTR Steel Deck
For applications where steel is preferred or downtime is critical, choose the SURVIVOR® OTR Steel Deck. Operational within a day, the easy-to-install SURVIVOR OTR Steel Deck sets the standard for truck scale design and performance, keeping downtime to a minimum. Tightly spaced wide-flange I-beams form the industry's strongest weighbridge design, weighing as many as 250 trucks per day for 25 years without a trace of weighbridge fatigue.

SURVIVOR® OTR Concrete Deck
The OTR Concrete Deck is well suited for resisting corrosion and rust and generally requires less maintenance than steel decks, helping to extend the life of the scale. A concrete surface also yields better traction in wet and icy conditions. Because of their design, concrete decks distribute the load over a wider area than steel decks. Concrete decks are poured at the job site and typically have cure strength of 4,000 PSI at 28 days. The concrete is reinforced with steel rods and a minimum of two wide-flange main beams and seven wide-flange beams below.

The SURVIVOR ATV contains all of the benefits of the SURVIVOR line, durability, longevity and consistency, all with the added feature of portability. The ATV features an extremely low 20-inch profile, and provides easy setup and expandability for road construction, timber operations and growing businesses where portability is a necessity.

The SURVIVOR SR for above ground installation is available with either a steel or concrete deck. For unbeatable strength and lifelong use, the SR model offers Rice Lake's wide-flange I-beam construction throughout the weighbridge; and massive wide-flange I-beams on either side of the SR distinguish it from other scale series.

The PT Series truck scale is available in many standard sizes to satisfy varying requirements. We understand that pit-type installations often involve replacing an existing mechanical or electronic scale. With a 42-inch profile, (pier to top of approach) the PT easily fits into many existing pit-type foundations. Standard widths for the PT Series concrete or steel deck models range from 10 to 14 feet, NTEP Certified.

SURVIVOR® M Series Scales combine groundbreaking ease of customization with the proven durability that only mechanical scales deliver. In a market crowded with scales built to compete on price alone, SURVIVOR M Series Scales are designed and built to compete by value and performance under the most extreme conditions.

The SURVIVOR PT-M is a mechanical pipe-lever design of our pit-type PT model. The mechanical lever system is precision-built from heavy-duty structural steel to provide higher strength and less stress breaks than competitive components. These mechanical scales are designed with a load cell inserted into its lever system. These levertronic designs are better suited for areas susceptible to heavy moisture. The in-ground installation is ideal for locations with limited space or access. It may also be installed above ground for special site applications.
Emery Winslow Truck Scales
Emery Winslow

Custom, Heavy Capacity Truck Scales for Demanding Conditions
Emery Winslow heavy-duty truck scales are engineered for high performance and reliability under the extreme working conditions. Heavy truckloads and harsh weather conditions are no match for Emery Winslow custom truck scales. Our Hydrostatic load cells are impervious to water, ice, snow, heat, cold, lightning strikes, heavy vibrations, and more. Ideal for use in industries that require above ground scales, steel or concrete deck scales, pit scales and more.

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Emery Winslow Truck Scales
Emery Winslow Truck Scales Emery Winslow Hydrotonic technology
Emery Winslow scales are made in the U.S.A. and feature Hydrostatic Load Technology, the most rugged and durable industrial device on the market today. Demand for this technology is growing with the inability of electronic load cells to withstand the harsh environments of many industrial applications, in spite of hermetic seals. Water, lightning, power surges, abuse, welding, corrosion, and even rodents cause uncountable numbers of scale failures. For these reasons, electronic load cell scales are the most expensive to own and maintain. Hydrostatic load cells are immune to most of these conditions and provide a level of performance and reliability unmatched in the scale industry. They are the load cell of choice for today’s industrial users who understand low cost of ownership means greater profitability.

Never Replace Your Load Cells Again! Emery Winslow’s exclusive Hydrotonic technology unites Hydrostatic load cells with digital instrumentation for an unbeatable combination. These high-accuracy load cells remain unaffected by the harsh conditions that commonly cause failure in electronic load cells.

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